Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Our Little House on the Prairie

The other night, a friend and I were looking at photos of her house and some of her current home projects on her iPad. I don't know about you, but I LOVE a peek around people's homes. Seeing how folks live is highly intriguing and thoroughly entertaining, in my opinion. I'm the one straining my neck and practically wrecking my car to catch a glimpse inside when it's dark outside and I can see in. Are you like that too?

Anyway, this particular friend is from Denver and has never been (all the way) out to our casa. So, she asked to see some pics.

I humbly share these, confident that they will not be a contentment breaker for anyone! Still, I've always taken pictures of the places we have lived - from our 1st one bedroom apartment, to this, our 6th place of residence in our 12 years of wedded bliss. We've been here 7 years (which means yes! We moved around A LOT in the early days of our marriage.) I like to look back at them and remember what I would have long ago forgotten and the sweetness of the passing years. They are priceless to me now, little pieces of our history, reminders of moments of time, fragments of our lives gone by. I tend to change things so much that from week to week year to year many of the rooms take on a slightly or drastically new look. If I had more $$ to work with there are all.kinds.of.things. I would enjoy doing around here. But, honestly, I am also very grateful for the lack of neverending resourses. It keeps me ever learning contentment and gratitude for exactly what I have in this very moment.

There is a chance you may have seen some of these before, as I believe I posted our dossier photos. But, that was at least a couple years ago, so of course, there are likely several changes.

The reason our house was finally (mostly) tidy enough to document is because we were having friends over to visit last weekend. Do you remember when I said that we (randomly!) met someone at the Denver Airport while we were on our way to Vegas who recognized me from the blog? They are now our dear friends Brett and Kristy, along with their 3 little ones. They came by and camped out with us on Saturday night (in tents!). We ate, stayed up late talking, did home church, and danced around our playroom together. Such fun. Perhaps our meeting was not so random after all. ♥

I forgot to get ONE single picture while they were here. Then, as they were pulling away I was bemoaning my thoughtlessness, so they reversed in our driveway for a quick photo. ↓ Here they are. ↓

Um, apparently I didn't upload these the way I wanted to,
so, we're starting with the half bath. ☺

This will one day expand to include a shower and become the boys' bathroom.
The living room
Our bedroom
Where we hang out and watch tv at night while the kids are fast asleep
I didn't get our bathroom, but you can see it a little bit
The antique milk glass lamp in the corner is one of my
FAVORITE gifts ever from Bobby
From the living room couch, looking at the front door
Dining room
Woops, I forgot to show in our bedroom the place
where the little ones like to sleep when it's their turn in
mom and dad's room
Clover doesn't wait for an invitation
She joins us nearly every night at some point
Office, where I sit at this moment
Bucket of library books on the office floor
Kitchen table
School / craft cabinets
My favorite Ikea find
I think it's supposed to be for silverware or something
but I find it perfect for writing utensils
Laundry room
Now, it leads out to the detached garage
Soon, it will lead to the (((MUDROOM))) !!!!!
Because we don't yet have the mudroom, these kinds of hooks are everywhere
Kids' bathroom
Towels for 7
Girls' bedroom + the guinea pig, Cookie
Girls' beds
Boys' room was still messy, but I've shown their beds and room before
The room for blessed addition(s) should one (or more) ever arrive
Too much sunlight, but you get the idea...
Again, a lot of sunlight, but this shows my favorite part of the kitchen -
the double ovens
These barstools are where friends pull up a seat to chat while
I'm working in the kitchen
I love that
Playroom (freshly vacuumed, obviously! ☺)
The maps on the wall are priceless teaching tools, I believe
Playroom again
Our gigantic couch where we watch movies together
The play kitchen that belonged to my grandma when she was young!
View from playroom toward the rest of the house
The park
The prairie
The end ☺


Holly said...

love it all...when can we move in?

and girl, you clean a MEAN house!

Tisha said...

Ha thanks Holly! Anytime. ;-)
YOURS is the decorating that I love. Really. Your houses are my favorite. I am such a fan of your style and taste!

Erika said...

The prairie... We have a long sidewalk around the block!!! Oh my goodness, my 5 boys would love a prairie...

Tisha said...

Erika, you have 5 boys?! I didn't know that! Awesome. :-) Any girls?

Our kids do love the prairie - lots and lots of room to roam and play. I miss the long grass, they just baled the hay. Some big, shady trees would be nice, but the wide open space and big sky is really refreshing.

Anastasia said...

Well there it went...contentment...right out the non-e efficient window!!!! i blame you tisha, yes I do...JK!!!! I love you! and I loved seeing you on Tuesday! See you next week.

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

I, too, LOVE to see pics of people's houses

We are in the midst of a major re-decorating / room-swapping, and I have been looking at a few pieces of furniture. I LOVE all of the country cupboards, etc... that I see in your living room and master bedroom. Can I ask ... where did you get them??? I bought 2 very similar pieces a few years ago and now cannot find them anywhere.

:) :) :)

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