Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Monday, November 07, 2011


On the topic of pinterest, blogs, twitter and the like, a friend and I were talking today about how our every day lives can be made to appear something purely exquisite in cleverly crafted, perfectly placed snap shots. It's true. The images of our experience, those willfully exposed to others through social media in retouched photos may not always be an accurate representation of our hour by hour, day by day existence. Photography is a powerful medium, able to evoke a wide spectrum of emotion through one simple shot, capturing a fleeting moment in time.
Then, there is the flip side. The instances of our lives that take us by surprise. When our hearts positively swell with joy. When we momentarily grasp happiness as tangible as sand slipping through our fingers. The moments that take our breath away as it catches in our chests and we know: A simple photo could not do this justice. Our real, messy, uncropped, unplanned, flawed lives are so, so much better than anything we could stage for presentation. They are indeed, purely exquisite.
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