Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Dad playing the super fun game:
 Guess Who Made Which Gingerbread House?
He was full of confidence he got them all right...until he found out he was 1 for 8.
(Mine was the only one he had correct.)
A yearly tradition,
Fargos pizza before driving around looking at lights.
*In the spirit of full disclosure I should include:
The event was tragically cut short due to excessively rowdy passengers who have absolutely zero  respect for  
their mother's earnest effort to produce storybook quality holiday family fun memory making steeped in tradition.....
complete with Christmas carols.

Sugar cookies with my sugars.

Gift wrapping of the $ store loot they bought for each family member with their allowance.
I wish I could bottle up and save forever the happy I felt watching them select
{special} gifts for each of their siblings,
their parents, (and the dogs.)
**I'm fairly certain some brand new scissors are in my near future.

Tyden's finished handful of product.
And so, after testing (to see if the {procedure} to reverse the {procedure} worked)
we discovered it's extremely unlikely that Bobby and I
will be able to have any more biological children.
Following a prolonged period of puffy eyed wailing, mourning and grief stricken sobbing,
(cemented with excessive comfort in a wrapper consumption a.k.a. chocolate)
 I picked myself up off the floor.....
and bought a puppy.
Me and my sweet-as-can-be hairy baby boy, Arrow.

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Sandy said...

Arrow is so precious! Can we do "Cooking with Tisha" on Jan 10th instead of the 3rd as my kids are not back in school until then?

Alyssa said...

Arrow is a precious puppy. I'm sorry you won't be able to have any more kiddos! The world mourns with you, as another Deutsch kiddo would be such a blessing. God MUST have a plan though, right? He is, after all, The Author of our stories...but it's SO hard to tell that to your heart, even when your head knows it. :/

We miss you guys! Maybe sometime Jonah and I can come out for a visit and to catch up. :) Or we can have you all IN for a field trip to Casa-del-Duncan. :)

VassFam said...

Looking forward to meeting your new baby, Arrow! :)

Holly said...

oh Tisha....bummer.

cute dog but still...bummer.

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