Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Monday, April 09, 2012

The Low(er) Impact Family

Some time ago when (very kind and generous!) friends were hosting a garage sale to help fund our adoption, I remember one of them telling me afterward about a particular woman who stopped by the sale. She mentioned a vow she made to not purchase anything new during the course of that year. (Year!)

I never met that woman, but I can not tell you how many times I have thought about her since the day I heard about her. I was fascinated by her quest. At the time, I found her goal staggering. Surely, it was exceedingly admirable, albeit lofty. Good for her (and her green self!) Much too lofty for me!

And here I sit, just under 3 years later, fully committing to the same objective. For all 9 members of our family. Yes, indeed. From Easter 2012 to Easter 2013. Including Christmas and birthdays. Nothing brand new will be purchased. *Except for food and obvious consumables. (Um, toilet paper, yes!)

Maybe it was my ever growing fondness of a simpler, slower way of  life that led me to the decision. Or my desire to impact the earth more gently, thoughtfully, carefully, cautiously, leaving it better for the plethora of grandchildren I hope to one day gain. (Or perhaps it was my passion for zero-impact thrift store shopping. ☺)  Whatever it is about me that caused me to think of that woman so many times with increasing curiosity and wonder is probably what led me to watch The No Impact Man which is probably what pushed me over the edge in deciding we could actually do this too. Totally. This one big change, (not buying anything new for a year) mixed with lots of other small changes (more on those later) is something our family can do.

My husband is on board. My kids are on board. (There was surprisingly no just a tiny bit very little not too terribly much cajoling involved!) My mom is happy that I'm going to be blogging consistently again so I can share our venture. The planet is relieved we will be less consumptive. Really, it's a win/win/win/win situation, wouldn't you say? Absolutely.  

More to come....

The kids on Easter reciting Luke 20 for the family. 
They did such a fantastic job, each memorizing their own parts.


Erika said...

You're two years ahead of me in the adoption process. Can you write a blog (or me personally) about how it's going, how things change/stabilize/ progress/etc.?
Just curious- :)

Tisha said...

Hi Erika!
Our kids have been here 2 years in February. Does that mean you're just newly home? Oh my....
I suppose I've been trying not to think too much about the adoption progress these days. ;-)
Yes, I will give you an update - either here or through e mail. Soon. Maybe tomorrow if I have time. If not, later this week.

Erika said...

Been home ten months- but I'd still like to hear about year 2! Thanks.

Courtney said...

me, too! want to hear about year 2 :-)

and can't wait to hear about this new venture of yours!

Holly said...

uh...I LOVE this.
#1- cause I miss your heart.
#2 - cause I'm nosy
#3 - cause I think I totally wanna try this!!!

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