Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Friday, May 11, 2012

Thinking of a Title is Too Hard

The Deutschlets and I were sitting at the kitchen table looking at Stryder's birthday cake as the kids each began recalling what their own cakes were this year. Flint: "I had a Cars cake with Maynard on it!" Jayla: "Mine was a house. Remember those pretzel windows?" Tyden: "I had a super tall rainbow cake." Clover: "My heart cake had a clover on it. Teeheeheeheee." (Because when you're a 4 year old girl, every proclamation deserves either a giggle, scream, or flood of tears at the end, simply for the sake of dramatic flair.)

Meadow's birthday was in February. She could.not.remember. her cake. Just couldn't. Nor could she recall that her gift was a new purple (her favorite color!) bike. And that's just the way it goes with Meadow. Her memory is not extremely stellar. It's tough to describe, but I would say it's like a pervasive "mental blankness." She has very little recollection of so many things that take place - at home, at school, special events, holidays, etc. This presents some serious challenges when it comes to education, and if I think about it too much, I can easily become really frustrated with her inability to absorb and assimilate information. I work hard at making you feel special, cherished, loved - at teaching you the things you need to know. How can you not remember any of it? (Woe is me! Exposing my case of poor, poor martyr mom syndrome.)

In that instant, on that day, Stryder's birthday cake displayed in the middle of the table, kids scattered around it, as we all turned toward Meadow who was struggling hard to summon in her mind what came so easily to her siblings but was terribly difficult for her, I had a choice to make. She was looking at me, her eyes fixed one mine, desperately eager to please but unable. It was then that I realized that this girl would believe whatever I told her about herself in that moment - good or bad. The other kids were awaiting my response as well. This isn't the first, or fiftieth time we've encountered Meadow's memory challenges. That's when I really felt it. To these precious people, I am a powerful woman.

All too often, I choose poorly.

Lord, let me lift them up. Even when it is hard and I have grown weary by way of repetition. Even when a firm hand is needed, may I speak words that encourage, thoughts that inspire. I know this for sure: what I tell them about themselves, they will believe.


No new purchases this week! How about this (amazing! old!) percolator though? Oh my gosh. I super duper like it. Pot - $6.99 at Goodwill. Cord - $12.00 on Ebay. Coffee - hot and excellent.

After watching the documentary (um....3x) which I found completely inspirational and entertaining, I am now reading the book for more nitty gritty details of the project. Guess what? I am finding it completely inspirational and entertaining!
The positive psychologists confirmed scientifically, in other words, what simple-living advocates have been asserting for so long anecdotally: a life lived with less emphasis on acquisition might have the effect of leaving more time for richer, less resource-intensive life rewards, making both the planet and the people happier. - Colin Beavan


Is anyone interested in making dishwashing detergent?  You could put it in an old coffee can with a fancy schmancy label like I did which is all kinds of cool. If so, here is a recipe. (She put hers in a sleek little yogurt container, which is not nearly as awesome, but I suppose it works for people who don't wash 2 loads/day requiring the use of a (large!) old coffee can with a fancy schmancy label.)
Look what my baby boy was given as a birthday gift from his grandparents! He is so happy.
I will enter the devil's lair for the happy boy. Clearly, my love knows no bounds. ;-)
Surprising my children, my husband (and even myself!) like a regular farmer girl, I dug this up for planting corn that I wanted to get out of our garden this year because it takes up too much room. Documenting so I can remember that at 37 years old I could do such a thing. Then years from now, I can look back at the good old days, when I used to (1 time) dig up my own plot(s!) for planting {all those} crop(s!).

My babies.
How lucky am I going to be this Mother's Day? ♥


Courtney said...

i struggle with this exact thing so often with lincoln (he also forgets SO much.) this is quite the job....

Alyssa said...

My Oma gave me a great recipe for laundry detergent that I am going to try. I have the recipe if you're interested! I think it only costs, when you break it down, about a penny a load!

VassFam said...

Thanks for sharing the dishwasher detergent recipe, Tisha. I'm going to give it a try! Have a wonderful Mother's Day :)

Anonymous said...

I think you are GREAT. And GREAT at what you do. You have the most mentally demanding job I know. It can make a person mental.

Keep up your awesome work, I LOVE you!!!


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