Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Careful, you are contagious

I don't really have a best friend. I like all my friends for different reasons and each friendship is unique. Friends bring out different sides of you, don't you think? They also teach you different things, based on their own strengths and interests. My daughter and I are talking one afternoon. She sits on the window seat in our kitchen watching me cook dinner. Having just hung up the phone with her pal Rachael, she's telling me her thoughts on the subject of friendship. I find them to be very wise. Not surprising, my Jayla is a bit of an old soul. Yet, I realize her words are eerily reminiscent of my thoughts about friendship, which I shared with her when she recently inquired who my "best friend" was. The conversation makes me smile. The {narcissistic} chambers of my heart swell with pride. Well. It's no wonder I determine the words of this girl to be wise...☺

Then I remember that not long ago, we were all at the dinner table discussing the possibility of going back to church services for the first time since we began doing church at home. Just saying yes or no was not an option. I wanted to know why they felt the way they did - either way. I asked Meadow the reason she was voting against it. She told me it was because she enjoyed worshipping together as a family, rather than splitting up. Hmm. Also a {strangely} familiar thought.

My sons go on and on about how much they love "real food" as opposed to fast or processed food. They will suggest different substitutions, like using honey in the place of sugar. They ask what we're having for dinner every morning at breakfast and lift the lids of the pots simmering on the stove to breathe in the aroma of dishes as they cook. Always eager to help me in the kitchen, they take great pleasure in the preparation and consumption of hearty, nutritious meals. Mom, watch me chop like Rachel Ray! {Where do they come up with this stuff?} I think I know...

Time and time again, as my children get older and are able to articulate their own ideas, I'm becoming aware of just how closely they mirror mine. A compliment, yes. But also a significant responsibility. As we travel through our days that quickly evolve into the years that will make up their childhood, I see more and more vividly that I am the one to set the tone for this portion of our lives - the precious part that we spend together - under one roof.

If I complain, their understanding becomes life is something to be disgruntled about. When I rejoice, they experience joy along with me. If I criticize others, they too find fault. As I give thanks, they grow grateful. If I respond with graciousness, they do as well. When I lash out at them, they emulate what they see, lashing out at each other. Like little sponges, they have a way of absorbing my presence. It's all so terrifically humbling. My attitudes, my opinions, my way of being in the world will become least for a while.

What an incredible honor.

I ought to be careful. I am contagious.

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a Tonggu Momma said...

Beautiful, and oh sobtrue.

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