Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Monday, July 09, 2012

The Day that Almost Wasn't

Our trip to Bishop's Castle yesterday, was this close to not happening, which kind of broke my heart. We aren't going on a vacation this year and I believe it is muy importante that we find interesting, fun things to do together as a family, away from the the daily grind and the responsibilities of the house. Daycations, if you will. Good for bonding. Necessary in a family environment that is immersed in the daily challenges of parenting children who have endured trauma and show their scars in a myriad of ways. Sadly, following an intense morning of all consuming negotiations with one of our Ethiopian treasures, the trip was (temporarily) aborted. Neither Bob nor I were in the mood anymore. We just called it off and began working around the house.

Then, we thought better, so we collected ourselves and carried on. Three hours later than we intended to leave, we pulled out of our driveway, back on track. I was so proud of us. Bobby and I are making progress in this gig called Parenthood.

** I have noticed there seem to be many families who struggle for a time after welcoming their adopted kids into their families, then things begin to get significantly better for them. They are able to sort it all out pretty quickly and move forward as a cohesive unit. I don't know if it's our kids' ages (we just learned fairly conclusively what we already suspected, that the 7 year old Meadow is actually 9, closer to 10) or the specific situations from which they came, but the longer we live together and the more comfortable they become with us, the more clearly we see the complexity of the difficulties they face, and the layers of pain and suffering they have endured. It's daunting. There are two of them. They each experience completely unique challenges. And, we have five other kids. The responsibility of helping them heal and manage their lives constructively is massive. We still have much work to do. I'm coming to terms with the reality that we may be one of those families who is never able to coast. That's ok. Hard work is good for the soul. Fatigue makes rest that much sweeter. I will die a tired woman. ;-) **

Back to Bishop's Castle, I knew the kids would be crazy in love with the wickedly, {dangerously} cool place - a testament to what one (rather eccentric) man can accomplish with tenacity, passion, persistence, sacrifice, and extraordinary labor. We spoke a little bit to Mr. Bishop and he is an absolute hoot. Quite a character. EXTREMELY anti-government, in a total conspiracy theory, Big Brother is watching you, sort of way. (He may or may not have implied that the govt officials started the Waldo Canyon fire. Oh yes. There is a chance he did.  But I'll never tell...) I would have liked to sit with him for hours, picking his wildly anomalous brain about why he has devoted his life to this little hobby of his, for free public consumption, instead of doing something more for himself with his exceptional talents. I unreservedly admire those who are willing to cleave to their convictions and put their money where their mouths are, summoning the strength to conquer something truly magnificent. I stand in awe, Mr. Bishop. My hat's off to you. It was an honor to enter your masterpiece.


Cassie said... is it said that the part of this post that stood out most to me is that u were all wearing sweatshirts?? And that I am wildly jealous??? We have had the mist intense, longest heat wave I ever remembering enduring and I just want to wear a hoodie. :)

Tisha said...

Haha! I know! It was actually really chilly and rainy yesterday. Niiiiice. We had the hottest June here in years, so the cool off has been refreshing. Just in time for us to have our pool up and running...;-)

Chris said...

Tisha, we just visited Bishop's Castle last month. There is a window there in memory of our son. Such a cool place to visit!

Tisha said...

Yes, Chris! I saw your little man's window. My daughter and I looked at it for a bit. I felt very sad for your loss. :( He died just before she was born. You have been through a lot!! ♥
It really is a neat place.

Holly said...

dang, I miss Colorado every time I read your posts but this just put me over the edge! I LOVE THAT CASTLE!
would love to see all the 'updates' he's made since I was last there - I can still picture him and it's been like 10 years!

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