Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Monday, September 24, 2012

If Heaven had an aroma...

It would surely be that of freshly baked bread.
Or rain...
Or a baby's sweet head...
Neither the forecast nor the stork have provided the latter two for us to enjoy today.
So for now, we will settle for the bread. {Heavenly}
What the man of the house does during his vacation from work. Relaxing, isn't it? He's building a playhouse for his gaggle. {Hopefully} when it is finished, it will bear striking, unmistakable resemblance to a very famous house we all know and (some of us, especially) love. Can you guess which house that might be? It shouldn't be too hard to figure out...
Addressed to me, and sealed with not only the licked part of the envelope, but a good measure of scotch tape {for ample security!} some of the "mail" that arrives on my desk every single day by our last little one to embark on the brand new skill of writing words. Oh. My. Love. How I will miss this correspondence when she moves on to other things!
Our new favorite way to spend Saturdays. (Onyx, otherwise known as Lucky #5 is directly ahead of the coach.) Last game was a shut out! 30-something to zippo.
Good, good times. The boy is hanging in there!
The cheering squad who actually does very little cheering at all. Instead, they favor jump roping, repeating how much longer? over and over...and over, and requesting their body weight in snack foods. Makes the good times even that much better. {wink}

**Forewarning: just in case you don't have one yet and think you might want to get an iPad. I've noticed, the problem with mine is that if there is any light in the room whatsoever, I can see the reflection of an unfamiliar woman every single time I use it. She is far older than I, wears no makeup most of the time, (although she really should!) and has tiny and not-so-tiny lines running all about her face, around her eyes, on her forehead, etc. It's all rather startling. Who she is, I'll never know. Apple really ought to do something about that. It can't be great for business....

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