Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I feel guilty.

About being so excited over our new chalkboard frame made by Bobby (which allowed us to get rid of the ugly metal frame the chalkboard came with!) using only scrap lumber and spray paint we already owned, costing us exactly $0.00, when hurricane Sandy has wreaked havoc on so many people's lives and homes, devastating the northeastern part of the country and beyond. My heart is truly heavy as I watch the news coverage. It hurts for those directly affected. For the lives lost. For the extensive rebuilding that will be required.

And still, last night when this mini project was completed, I found myself giddy. Over a chalkboard frame. Hanging in my kitchen. In my still standing home, located in Colorado. Where the weather is absolutely gorgeous this week and I will trick or treat with my kids tonight then steal away all their tiny boxes of Dots to eat for myself, which they accept as their you-drove-me-to-town-to-walk-around-in-this-costume-and-gather-copious-amounts-of-candy-so-I-should-share-my-sugar-with-you tax, in a completely business-as-usual manner. It all seems kind of wrong. But then, my husband reminded me. There is suffering all over the world at any given time. People will always be hurting, somewhere. Sometimes, it will be us. A bit of happiness is ok. Take it while you can. When it arrives claim it, hold it, let yourself own it for a while. Even over the little things. Maybe especially so.

There is no shame in simple pleasures...♥

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Holly said...

agreed. and there should be no guilt over it but I totally know the emotion! LOVE the chalk board!!!!

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