Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


A couple weeks ago I was at a friend's house to fetch Stryder and Flint because she picks them up (which involves waiting in the loooooooong car pool line meaning I don't have to do it myself, hallelujah!) after their school-for-homeschoolers and takes them to her home in Falcon so I need not drive {all} the way back to CS for the second time in one day, (thank you Jennah!). Did that make any sense whatsoever? No? I thought not. Allow me to try again. I was at a carpool angel friend's house and I had my dog with me (of course I did! We go everywhere possible together. I love you, Echo!) and he was oh-too-happy to see her kids and her dog so he did what any good energetic and over-excited puppy would do. He piddled on the (um, drivers!) seat of our van. Oops! (I forgive you baby boy. No need to worry, remember you can do NO WRONG you perfect big little luv bug of a soft curly haired doggie!) Being the carpool angel of a friend that my friend is, she dashed inside to retrieve some cleaner and cloths to freshen up the seat. I sprayed from her bottle and my senses suddenly became overwhelmed with beyond ordinary blissfulness. WHAT was in that bottle? I had to know. The carpool angel disclosed her secret.

And now, I share it with you:

10 drops tea tree oil with all its natural fungus, bacteria and virus fighting goodness
2 squirts dish soap
1 cup white vinegar

I promptly came home and made it in my empty Method bottle and began frantically wiping down everything in my house just to breathe in the pleasant aroma. {Pure Clean} Try to make it and not feel just a tiny bit happier about all that dumb cleaning you've got to do. Go on, I dare you...☺
Playing spoons Sunday night I want to never.forget. Clover diving across the table in her ballet skirt with her hello kitty underwear just barely showing thorough. Oh my love. That girl owns me.
*Reenacted for dramatic effect.
Big grandma and grandpa didn't feel up to coming out to our place for Thanksgiving, so here are Jayla, Tyden, Clover and I serving it to them at their house later in the day. Such a sweet time. Grandpa even told us a rip roaring funny joke involving 3 old ladies. Another moment I hope to not forget. ♥

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Courtney said...

AND *i've heard* that tea tree oil keeps lice away. yay!

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