Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Sunday, November 18, 2012

I'd heard of it happening to other people....

...but I never, ever suspected it would happen to us.

On Sundays we always have a big breakfast.

Then, we do our home church.


After that, we (the adults) are so thoroughly exhausted from such extreme strenuous activity we must nap. (The kids read.)

Then we eat (yet again, are you detecting a theme?) dinner.

Followed by a family date of some sort. Either we go to a park if the weather is nice, or go skating (last week), or visit big grandma and grandpa, or get ice cream, or just stay home and play games or watch a movie.

Tonight we had vegetable beef stew at home.

Then we headed to Village Inn for pie.

As we were waiting to be seated we perused the happy glass case of deliciousness where we tried oh-so-very-hard to resist the irresistible urge to TOUCH, and decided which one we would like.

A woman walked by, you have a beautiful family.

Umhmm, thank you. (Give us an hour, you may change your mind...)

We took a Bible and worked on our memory verses while we waited for our dessert (Psalm 19 currently).

We devoured the sweetness of a BIG piece of pie for each of us.

When we were finished our server came to the table, someone took care of your ticket for you.


*A little teeny tiny tear may or may not have clouded my eyeballs. I can never tell.*

Psalm 19 must have been that woman's most very favorite chapter. ♥

A picture I took of Clover BTS (before the surprise!) high on sugar.

Tyden and I ATS (after the surprise!) high on kindness.
See the difference?
Nah, I didn't think so...☺
Miracles really do happen.


Courtney said...

that is so fun!!! it's never happened to us, either...i always think there are just too many of us. and we hardly ever go eat anywhere!

Holly said...

that is awesome!

we have been given cold hard cash a few times!!! it always just floors me!

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