Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Sunday, March 17, 2013

If they were all like you....

The world would be a lot more heavily populated.

Because no one would ever want to stop having children.


You are the kind of kid that serves to inflate the egos of parents, giving us a great big boost in confidence. You just make us look so good. Of course we know what we're doing! I mean, see the results of our labor! This boy is nearly perfect! We've clearly got our act together. We probably should be writing books on parenting. It's such a shame to be hoarding all this superior knowledge. You want us to teach you about metaphysics? We're probably experts on that too...

It's that you make our jobs so remarkably easy. You are light and happy and hard working and smart and articulate and quick to learn and simple to please. Not requiring all that much in return, you do what is asked of you.

Ever the eternal optimist, one of your favorite, most well worn expressions to use when something has gone wrong or we have to break bad news to you is, "Well at least we still have......" In that way, you remind me of Pollyanna. You are relentlessly persistent in the pursuit of gratitude and keeping your eyes fixed on the bright side. It is a really, really pleasant quality. Your happiness meter's set point is refreshingly high.

What a joy you are to watch grow! Doing all the "man chores" around the house has become a favorite past time of yours. Whether it be chopping wood, tending to the chickens, prepping the garden, helping your dad with vehicle repairs, shoveling snow, or just digging holes for the fun of it, you are the boy for the job.You make friends easily and get along well with everyone. Always giving it your all, you are a favorite member of each team you participate in for sports.

One of my greatest privileges on this earth is witnessing you progress from a young boy into a young man. And what a young man you are! Thank you son, for being a source of constant, great, big, huge uncontainable pleasure to your dad and I.

The Lord knew, we needed a child like you - one that would rarely ever at all cause us to feel the sting of disappointment in ourselves, wishing that we were better at this gig called parenting. One that would help us be filled with the satisfaction that some things really are going just exactly right.

Come to think of it, we'll probably hold off on writing those books. Despite your best efforts, our egos are in check. Your siblings are making sure of that....

Love you, boy. Welcome to double digits.


 He made is own birthday cake, all alone!
 Birthday dinner at Culver's before lots and lots of basketball games.

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