Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Monday, April 08, 2013

Attention! Time

Back from the retreat and feeling sort of shell shocked. Not really ready to talk about it yet. Would like to hide away, anonymously for a while. The comforts of home and my babies are good medicine.

That's why I decided I would get right to trying out a technique I learned about at the retreat. (I know I read about it years before in The Connected Child, but never thought it feasible or practical.) Now that my kids are bigger and the relentless tick tock of a finite lot of time together under one roof is always in my ears, I'm diving full force into it.

Attention Time. 

Setting the timer for 10 minutes of undivided attention for each child doing whatever they choose to do and the others can not interrupt. Sounds easy enough. But, with my brood, it is a pretty significant chunk of the day. Adding in transitioning between kids it took us 80 minutes in total. I waste that many minutes on most given days, easy. I can totally do this.

Playing together as a family is something I do. Slotting time to play with each of them individually is something I do not. I was in need of some incentive.

I love the purposefulness of it. I love looking into their eyes and talking without 6 other people trying to talk over us. I love that it forced me to prioritize my day well. I loved spending time with Flint that was purely rooted in fun rather than conflict resolution. I loved having conversation with Meadow, the girl who is usually drowned out by the crowd. I love how much they reveled in my undivided attention. Jayla must have said five times, "This is SO fun! Can we do it EVERYday?" sweetie. We can not. But I am committing to 3x/week. Believe you me, they will hold me to it. I'm ecstatically counting on it.

Seriously people, this is the kind of memory making the good life is made of. I am so thankful.

Jayla chose to link up two DS games and play darts and bowling. It was my first time EVER playing a DS.

Onyx wanted to use the iPad to look on E Bay for something to spend his allowance on. He chose a stuffed fox (!) My heart! There is still some little boy in there.

Meadow and I played checkers. (We had to use coins because this house and pieces residing with the games they belong to are an impossible combination.)

Stryder also chose to look online for a DS game to spend his allowance on.
Flint and I played Chutes and Ladders.
Clover and iPadded also. She bought Mario Party for her DS. (Yes she's wearing a swimsuit. It's her current thing. CUTEness personified!)
Tyden had me read to him. Then, he wanted to play with Photo Booth.
This is new to them, so they are thrilled to think of other things to do for their next turns.
Which will be essential for the ones who spent all their allowance....☺

Thanks to Amanda Purvis for the inspiration!

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Purvis' said...

Yay! I am glad you love it! And I am so glad I got to meet you this weekend.

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