Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Saturday, May 04, 2013

One thing leads to another...

You know how you can never just do one home project? Like how when you are out and about you randomly spot a super pretty print you want to hang on your wall, so you bring it home and look it over and realize it's not going to work exactly as right as you imagined in your mind, then before you know it you've rearranged every piece of furniture in the room and painted the walls a fresh new color and slapped up a bit of bead board just like you saw on that one do-it-yourself website and bought a perfectly shabby colorful antique dresser and ordered that handmade decorative thing you noticed on Etsy and purchased a perfectly new Ikea rug to accentuate your awesome find? In other words, doing everything outside of changing zip codes just because you wanted to hang one silly picture on your one existing wall.  Yeah, like that. 

It's how my bedroom wall was born. The Man of the humble abode is busily residing the entire house with board and batton (hello, old fashioned farmhouse LOVEly) and he is replacing our windows, and expanding our 1/2 bath to accommodate a shower so we can have a (much needed!) male bathroom and female bathroom (because puberty is looming and shaving and multiple PMSing women under the very same roof are right around the corner and asking 4 dirty teen aged boys and 3 moody teen aged girls to share a single toilet is just far too much to ask and thinking about it makes my sad heart all weepy....and obviously, cranky....but I digress.) 

Where was I? Oh yes. We used to have this wall of windows in our bedroom, which isn't huge to begin with. Why would one require a wall of light bearing windows in the room where one prefers to sleep for 9 solid hours in absolute darkness, I asked myself? reason at all. So, in his usual "Hey sugar, I'll fix up your house any way you like it because I'm a rough and tough handyman type of guy and my love language is sooooo acts of service," way Bobby turned our wall of windows into a single window. Leaving plenty o wall around the sides where things (like a crib for a foster peanut) could go in the future. Then, he put fence pickets up on it in lieu of texturing the whole thing. And then I painted them, shabby antique white. And then I was really happy. And then I shared it with you, because I love you. Well, some of you...others I mostly just like...☺

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