Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Dearest Stryder,

Wow, boy. What can I say? You are one cool dude.

You exude extraordinary confidence and fearlessness and energy that knows no bounds.

You   make   my   heart   swell   big   with   love.

My baby boy, you have a way of winning me over at every turn. Like at the wedding when you came and whispered in my ear, "Mom, will you dance with me?" Despite the fact that the the big band was still playing and people were still eating and not really dancing quite yet, you liked the music and wanted to hit the floor. And that's just you. Exuberant, full of zest and healthy self esteem and not single thought nor worry about what others are (or are not!) doing, you are determined to get the most out of your life. That's how it's going to be.

Your smile and your laughter and your enthusiasm are purely infectious. You are a delight spreader, a joy inducer, a happiness engineer. A mama's boy, your affection is profuse. Never is this more evident than when you playfully inform your dad that you love me more than he does. I'm not going to lie, I don't mind at all.

Although heartily prone to mischief like lots of young boys, I can hardly get upset at you. You've got me right where you want me, charming me with every flash of your grin, melting me into a puddle with every hug you wrap around my neck. It's alright little man. I'm right where I want me too.

I love you, Strydey.

Thank you for being born.

Have a great big 7th year.

*May 9th was his actual birthday, I'm just slow...;-)

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