Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

About The Queen of Butter

For most of us, those moments are not national news.

Those awkward and revealing occasions in which we may become embarrassingly exposed - when our less than flattering inner thoughts that dwell deep within the dark, well kept recesses of our minds find their way to the light of day - they are not often open for general public consumption. Those instances for which we must apologize are usually a relatively quiet affair. When we have allowed our tongues to slip, our mouths to run over, expressing what may lie well beneath, uttering words we really don't mean...or words we really do mean. They may happen before those closest to us, in our homes with our families, with our book clubs, in front of groups of friends or coworkers. They may even occur on facebook or twitter. Still, they hardly evoke raging newstorms, provoking an entire country to speak about us, to judge us.

How many hours have I spent pondering the words of Jesus in this verse, wondering if it could possibly, be literally true and the number of days on end it would take me to accomplish the task:
 But I tell you that everyone will have to give account on the day of judgment for every empty word they have spoken. ~ Matthew 12:36

Because truth be told, I've absolutely had plenty of them myself - situations where I've said what I ought not say. Moments where I've surprised even my own self with the ugliness of my inner musings, when I have allowed them to rise to the surface for bitter exposure. It is both a liberating and terrifying reality to admit that some degree of blackened depravity manages to subsist within us all, that no one is exempt, that pure as snow on one's own merit does not exist.

I can share those times with you, telling you of the difficulty I face through writing and they may come across as relatable, comforting, possibly even inspiring, most certainly honest.

Though if it were left up to someone else to uncover my wrongdoing, my faulty thinking, my unlovely and most base actions in word or deed, it would undoubtedly have a less desirable effect.

How glad am I that my sins are not made public?  

Blatant discrimination is atrocious, without a doubt. Subtle discrimination in one form or another? It's atrocious too. We know this. We all agree. And yet, who among us holds not a single, solitary shred of it toward anyone, anywhere? I would dare suggest there are few of us who could pass that litmus test.

The media, it seems to thrive, drawing spiteful momentum from villanizing, scandalizing, dirt slinging.

There is no question, wrong is wrong and hurtful is hurtful and genuine self reflection and a willingness to see the error of our own ways is important and accountability is a part of life. For each and every very one of us, this is true. It's just that sometimes, for some of us, there is hardly a price at all while others pay terribly dearly. I suppose that goes along with the responsibility of being given much. That, I can understand.

Still, in spite of what you may have said or done, my heart goes out to you, Paula Deen. You are, by no means, alone.

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