Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Sunday, June 16, 2013

For Their Father

Yesterday, The Man of the Humble Abode had to run to town for a few errands. (Yep, that's the way we country folk talk, run to town. We can't help it. It's in our bright lights, big city shunning nature. And in case we forget our roots, we find it written directly in The Bumpkin Handbook for easy reference.) To get some hard-to-come-by-in-a-larger-than-average-family one on one time, he took the eldest daughter with him. True to her budding, heading into middle school interests, she came home telling me that she asked her dad some questions about dating. (Specifically, she was asking him about who I used to date before he came along (!) Well hello, preteen privacy invader.)

He told her the truth. That the person I dated (was still dating when I met him, if you care to know my scandalous little secret) was not the greatest guy. At all. To be honest, it was a bit of a drama filled fiasco waaaaaaaaay back in 1995. Bobby vs. Him. Secure love vs. Controlling manipulation. Prince Charming vs. The Frog. Wait a sec, I love frogs. Scrap that last one.

She asked him what was wrong with the behavior of my former flame and he told her, siting specific examples of what not to look for in a potential mate. The list of Red Flag Material was long and easy to recall, flowing out like scorned vinegar. Because we all know the type. The You Do Not Want To Marry This Man Type.  

He also gave her examples of what she should look for in a future husband, offering a few slivers of advice.

And this is the thing that really gets me all choked up. He almost doesn't even need to say the words. All each one of our sweet daughters need do, is look to their father.

The way he treats me is the way she should be treated. The way he speaks to me is the way she should be spoken to. The way he looks at me is the way she should be looked at. The way he favors me is the way she should be favored. The way he prioritizes me is the way she should be prioritized. The way he honors me is the way she should be honored. They way he liberates me is the way she should be liberated. The way he accepts me is the way she should be accepted. The trust he affords me is the trust she should have.

He has shown me what real life, grown up, always true, faithfully loyal, I have your best intentions in mind and I will cherish you always for exactly the person you are and whoever you choose to become in the future, love looks like and in doing that he has granted our children a priceless treasure. The gift of growing up day by day with a man of integrity, one who is deeply devoted to his family and gives them the best of all he has to offer. Year after year, he demonstrates the qualities the boys should aspire to and the girls should seek in partners.

His life is a sermon we see.

We are immeasurably blessed.

Happy Father's Day, Bobby.

We love you.

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