Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

WHY didn't I try this sooner?

I do not know. Maybe it's because I was unaware of its existence until last week.

Have I ever mentioned my husband's high cholesterol? {Welcome, Middle Age. How very pleased we are to meet you. And how astoundingly kind of you to bring along your uninvited faithful compadres, Ailments.}

Never a fan of the artificially yellow goop even bugs supposedly won't touch (not that I've actually performed this experiment myself, I've just only heard that even those smart little creatures detest margarine), we've always used the real deal - b u t  t e r. Oh, precious, sweet churned, lightly salted, melt in your mouth, ultra satisfying, buttah, how we simultaneously adore your golden glory and curse your shameful cholesterol.

While for a long time now we've been fans of coconut oil - for sauteing vegetables and greasing the griddle for pancakes, and slathering all over the face and skin - we've never liked it much for spreading on toast or dropping into smoothies or using as a sandwich spread or eating by the spoonful. Not quite the right texture, not quite the right taste.

But this? This coconut butter? Wowza. It's a match made in heaven. An exquisite collision of the health inducing benefits of coconut and the satiating nature of cherubic butter. Perfect for all sorts of things, slathering and spreading and dolloping and licking, it is capable of converting even the most devout Butter Lover.

All you do to make it is blend or food process unsweetened coconut flakes until smooth and creamy. It's Then, store in a jar. Don't forget to make a lot, it won't last long....

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