Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Friday, July 05, 2013


It's crossed my mind many times recently how incredibly special these days are for our family.

I don't know what the future will hold, but I am sure that over the next few years much will change and the kids will each begin to truly develop lives of their own that are more and more separate from ours, to whatever degree.

They may chose the companionship of their friends over that of their mom and dad. They might get eventually jobs. $ Hallelujah! $ They will drive cars. And by "cars" I mean minivans. They will decide they should have a say in their own schedules. They will formulate plans for the future and make long and short term goals and pine away after the cutest, most charming and clever and funny person they know, but are not allowed to date...ever. They will attempt to forgo actual face to face interpersonal communication and show only the tops of their heads as they stare into the screen of their phones. They will shout about how unfair I am when I take their blasted phone away and force them to speak the Unabbreviated  English Language to me. They will wake up one morning and realize what  their parents have known about themselves all along, that we are complete dorks, barely tolerable.

Bit by bit, they will gain shreds of earned independence.

And their mommy will cry real, big, fat salty tears.

Though for now, they still want to be with us. They still find our company endurable, if not even quite welcome. We are all home to eat dinner around the table and read books aloud and play rowdy games of Uno whenever we feel like it.

The hours stretch out before us and we are all still gloriously, blissfully, wonderfully united in this beautiful, messy, interwoven, blessed togetherness. Weekdays, weekends, holidays and all.

Goodness. That makes me deliriously happy.


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Courtney said...

i'm SO with you in this. i asked rebekah on our road trip, "do you miss your friends this summer?" she said, "no!" i loved that. i mean, i want her to have friends and all, but it told me that our family is what gives her everything she needs still, and that makes me so happy! i know it will change...but, thankfully, i think we've kept them under our wings longer than some!

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