Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Friday, September 06, 2013



Every year or so, Jayla likes to plan a wedding for my beloved and I. As she grows in age, maturity and ability, each celebration becomes more elaborate. I must say, this time she outdid herself. There was real cake, (not that the last one, made of legos was not tooth shatteringly delicious!) and FACE PAINTING for the bride and groom. (Tell me that's not way-ahead-of-its-time progressive.) She picked my clothes for me (remember my $3 dress? The only dress she could find hanging in my closet?) Rather displeased it was disgracefully black rather than purely white, she tied a lacy (former curtain valence) sash around my waist and added some white flowers made of paper to bring it up to *nearly* acceptable. She plotted for weeks, holing up in her room for hours, crafting decorations, music and a schedule. She assigned roles and positions for each member of the family, Onyx preacher, Meadow assistant, Clover flower girl, Stryder ring bearer, mom bride, dad groom...

She asked me yesterday, "Mom, will you be nervous walking down the aisle alone with everyone watching you?" Gosh honey, I think I'll be okay.

The sun rising in the sky is reason enough to celebrate for that girl. Festivity is her forte, merriment her strength, administration her gift. She adds light to our home, along with civility and formality we might otherwise ignore.

As we were repeating our vows read by Pastor Onyx and dancing to Our Song and as I looked into The Man of My Dream's face while we stood in our messy playroom before our gaggle of giggling children, I was a little overcome. Maybe it was the just the poorly timed PMS speaking, (who wants Aunt Flo to visit on their honeymoon!?) but I heard a voice in my ear softly whispering vast, compelling gratitude that of all people in the world, it is him I share this exceptionally noisy, wedding saturated life with.

Looking back on my life and the woman I have become in our nearly 18 years together, I can see that a vivid transformation has taken place. He will be the first to tell you, (and our kids and our friends and anyone else) "I wanted her because I thought she was hot." While that may have been true initially, and I can honestly appreciate the gift of being found physically desirable within the security of a marriage, he has given me a gift far more precious to me than that.

He has found me worthy of priority.

Over time, he has made my goals his mission, my thoughts his interest, my pain his anguish, my joy his happiness. He met a girl raised in unfriendly divorce who had no tangible understanding of lasting commitment, no earthly idea how a healthy male/female union could possibly function, much less endure, and he taught her what it means to be valued above all others. With very little condition. He didn't mind my past, he wanted my future. He turned my fears and scars and uncertainty into confidence and assurance and rest.

He allowed me to pursue the home life I imagined could be. He encourages me to pursue the me I imagine I can be. He delighted in me, bestowing acceptance I had not known.

A man of few words, through his actions he has shown me that I need not fret, he is here to stay.


He took my holey heart and patched it with I-can-breathe-deeply peaceful security.

Our daughters would be blessed to find a man like him.

I would marry that guy any day of the week.


Holly said...

this is hysterical and so precious that I can't decide whether to laugh or cry so I'm just doin' both.

so sweet.
Love that girl!
love your family!

Kate Zimmerman said...

this is so totally awesome. haha. i hope my family is like yours someday :) a wedding every year sounds kinda fun :)

Courtney said...

that is THE most adorable thing ever!!!!!i mean??? amazing!

Anonymous said...

There is just "Something About You"! You are the best decision I have ever made. The first time we got married, as well as the sixth. I LOVE you.

Lindy said...

Oh my word!! I LOVE it!! Especially the get away car and the face paint... I am totally cracking up and smiling hugely! :) How amazing of you to indulge your children in this fun, fun way. Tell Jayla she rocks--and that cake?? Awesome!!

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