Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Make it law, babes.

As much as I L-L-L-oooooooove me some babies, and I do. Love babies! (If anyone sees a stray itty bitty bundle of feathery haired sweet smelling goodness lying around and doesn't know what to do with it, my door is always open, people. Always.) I have to say there are definite perks to kids getting older. For someone like me, whose love language is conversation, this is a golden age. These children I get to live with are a real hoot to talk to. They are hilarious and clever and opinionated and kooky and thoughtful and growing in intelligence each and every single day. It's something pretty special to observe.

Ever a fan of questioning anyone within my reach about whatever is on their mind, (or whatever is on on mine!) I am a huge advocate for a prompt - be it in writing or verbally. In other words, asking some random question and listening to the answers spill out all over the place.

Last night before bed, we all happened to be gathered in mom and dad's room and I just couldn't resist.

So I asked...

If you were King or Queen of the land, what would your very first law be?

They got up one by one to stately stand before the crowd and bestow an answer on their loyal subjects.

Stryder: My law would be that everyone would love mom or they would go to jail for the rest of their lives! {Aw! Royal kiss up. The boy *clearly* knows who the true Household Royalty is...}
Clover: My law would be that everyone would have to shoot firecrackers!
{Hopefully not inside...}
Jayla: I would make high fructose corn syrup illegal in all the land and here I am standing with my crown. {Oh, my heart. Wipe tear. That's my girl!}
Tyden: My law would be that all houses would be made with waffles and all roads made of syrup.
{Sounds sturdy. Have you never heard the story of the 3 little pigs, boy?}
Meadow: In my land everyone would have to treat everyone the exact same way, nicely.
{Both meanness and nepotism are prohibited...}
Onyx: If anyone tried to steal then they would go to the dungeon for the rest of their lives and each year they would get a little bit of their body chopped off.
{Whoa, son. Sadistic tendencies, much?}
Flint: If there was a law it would be no stealing. Then I would say nooooooooooooo stealing. (Wagging finger for added emphasis.)
{What was that, buddy? Did you say there would be no stealing? Just checking...}
Dad: If I were to make a law it would be that every Saturday everyone in the realm would come pay tribute to Queen Tisha at which time they would donate $1 to the general fund and the general fund would be used to help the less fortunate, in Tisha's honor, because Queen Tisha likes to always help the less fortunate.
{Well sweetness. Suppose he wanted something else to happen on that bed after the children went off to theirs.....?}
My turn. I've got the computer to type everyone's responses. Hang on a second I'm just fraternizing with one of my subjects...
Mom: My law would be that all children under the age of 18 have precisely 4 consecutive hours of quiet time each day where voices are muted and minds are enriched through the reading of captivating literature that will ignite the imagination and delight the senses. At which time the mommies of the land will do whatsoever they please, in peaceful silence. Violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law by devouring handfuls of cooked spinach. {So what if I get into this stuff a little too much....?}
Jedi: I vote for meaty stuffed Kongs all day long and that my people would never leave me home alone.


elizabethquiver said...

Very fun. What a good idea!

Erika Stanley said...

I love your law. I'd move to your kingdom for that law.

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