Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Monday, November 18, 2013

Liberal Cocoon

Out of the blue, Bobby asked me yesterday, "So, are we the most liberal Christian people we know or what?"

Um, yeah. Basically. Yes. I think maybe so.


A couple weeks ago at an extended family dinner an uncle asked us if we envision ourselves living here, {way out in hillbilly territory appropriately labeled Boonesville} forever. Bobby and I answered without hesitation as it's something we've thought a lot about. Barring catastrophe or unforeseen circumstances that would force us to leave the homestead, we think we do see our future here. As we were discussing the way we spend our days, I was once again reminded of how intricately interlaced the lifestyle of our family is with the landscape and location of our home.

Residing in the country has proven itself to be a persuasive incentive helping us to establish a great sense of purposefulness in all that we do. Again and again as we determine how we will spend our finite allotment of both time and money, it coaxes us toward simplicity. Nothing is convenient. Gas is expensive. Travel to and from town is consuming. Every decision made must be weighed carefully for profitability, efficiency, functionality, and large family friendliness. All that to say, there is a lot we don't do.

But what we do choose to do is pretty much altogether heart filling awesome as far as we're concerned. We are a tight group to say the least. For better and for worse, we cocoon. We spend lots of time together and family unity is muy importante on our list of highest priorities.

The flaws Big Daddy and I possess as parents are too numerous to count. Really. Geez. Don't get me started. I will depress myself then call social services on myself or hit one of you up begging you to rescue my children from their unfortunate lot because I stink like gorgonzola well past its prime. Yet, the one thing we are fairly decent at is reining in the troops for some old fashioned FAMILY F  U  N. A big kid at heart, Bobby is amazing in this aspect. He teaches me by his example and together we've concluded that maintaining playfulness as parents is basically a blast.

My babes. We only get them for just this little while before they are off on their own. (((Nooooooooooooooo!)))We want them near to us, hanging out with us, building our mutual (Gasp! Yes, I know we are the PARENTS!) friendships so that when they are adults they will want to come back and play. With their babies. Lots and lots of babies. So many babies I can't remember all their names. Which won't be much of a surprise because I don't know who my kids are half the time. Though I love them so...
 The parents who play together....
 ....embarrass their kids....
Ouch. My head. It's all fun and games till mom goes all crazy vertigo.

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