Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Why did I not start this sooner?

We are a family of salad lovers.

Correction: I am a salad lover and I force it on my family along with their dinner nearly every.single.night. and they grudgingly gulp it down it but whatever...

What my people really do love is a salad bar where they can pick and choose what they'd like on their salad. It makes me happy too because whatever they select every plate is filled with colorful, healthy goodness. So, we usually have salad bar for supper at least once every couple weeks, maybe more in the summer when the garden is booming.

Anyhoo, my point?

For some ridiculous reason, I was mistakenly roped into buying salad dressing chock full of additives due to what I thought was ease and convenience for well more than a decade. That was until I began making my own.

WHY oh why did I not realize just how easy and fresh and delicious it would be? I do not know. All I'm sure of is I have seen the light and turned from my former ways. I am a devout convert, devoted to the affection of homemade salad dressing from here to forever more.

We like a bit of a sweet balsamic dressing quite a lot. Also a sesame ginger version is really tasty.

But this one takes the cake, hands down for our favorite above all. If you like a tangy, zesty bite to your food, you will adore this dressing. It takes literally seconds to make and it is healthy, healthy, healthy, sublime.

You start by placing some olive oil in a dish and slowly pouring vinegar on it while whisking, whisking, whisking to emulsify and make it nice and creamy. Then you add finely chopped garlic, parsley flakes, salt, and red pepper flakes. Taste and see what it needs, modify as required. It looks a whole big lot like Olive Garden's infamous dressing when you are finished.
Drizzle it on salad and never look back. Your body and taste buds will scream, thank you, my love, thank you.
((I lost a bet and Big Daddy made me promise to post a picture of my extreme planking on our coffee table attempts. Laugh along with me if you wish...))


Meg said...

you don't look old, you look like a rock star.... that or a photoshop project.

Lisa Stucky said...

Nice! I had no idea you were so ripped!
So - for the perfectionists out there (who me?) how much oil and how much vinegar? 1:1 ratio?

Tisha said...

Ha, Lisa you are funny!!

I think the oil to vinegar ratio in most any vinaigrette is supposed to be 3:1. But we like ours pretty tangy so we do a little extra vinegar. :)

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