Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas in photos

{Decorating the tree}
{Christmas morning}
{Calendar made at school}

{Sugary Cereal tradition}

{Christmas jammies}
{Lunch at uncle Carter and aunt Linda's}
{Visiting big grandma and grandpa at grandma's rehab center}
{Bobby's brother Neil}
{Carter & Linda}
{Big grandma & nana}
{Me & He}
{Christmas Caroling down the halls of the rehab center...which only required the twisting of a handful of arms to pull off...}
{Great day} {Thankful}


Erika Stanley said...

Denying children of sugary treats is so great because then cheap cereal is a treasured gift!

Anonymous said...

A few years a go I read one of you post, I think it was called a letter to my self and you were talking about how you would never be as had on another mom going throug what you were as you are on your self. Sorry I don't see a way to email you or search you site. I want a friend to read it do you know what post I am talking about?

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