Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Go. Win. Win.

Does my gorgeous friend Kate Zimmerman not do the most gorgeous calligraphy work? Really. She is so skilled. And equally stunning inside and out. If you don't know her you really should meet her. I had the privilege of doing so in Ethiopia 4 years ago when we went to fetch our Meadow and Flint. Kate is from Michigan. :) You could win this very item here at Mandy's raffle in honor of a World Water Day. It's for a woman named Diana in Uganda. For clean water and functional wells and job creation and sustainability. And for Mandy. Because she is ultra cool and houses extraordinary depth within her soul and has a great big heart of gold for Jesus. Because she is the kind of person who organizes raffles for World Water Day.

And how about this hot little number my handy husband made from pallets? It too is available here. Go on, win it, baby ! You know you want to.
Look at mine. I already won one for myself (because I have the bald guy) and here it is hanging on the wall. Can you say sexAY? SexAY. 
There are tons of other pretty amazing items you can buy tickets for as well. Like ridiculously fantastic prizes. I'd like one of each.

It's for a great purposeful purpose. You will feel all kinds of awesomeness flowing through your hot little veins after you purchase a ticket. It's an ordinary honest to goodness go. win. win. situation. So much beauty in its simplicity, what's not to L O V E?

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Mandy said...

thanks for these lovely things to raffle off! and your words are just too kind. love to you, friend.

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