Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Sunday, April 20, 2014


The obligatory holiday photo. Because we were all dressed. In actual, non pajama/workout clothes. At the very same time. Unfortunately it was too windy to take it outside. Which just seems like it should be possible by Easter. Such is life on the prairie.
Dinner at aunt Linda and uncle Carter's. They are really wonderful hosts and accommodate our big brood with apparent ease!
I mean seriously. They even put little crafts on the kid's table.
Big grandpa and grandma. ((Big grandpa is hiring Onyx to plant some seeds for him to help earn some money for camp this week. Yay!))
The annual Deutsch Kids Easter Production. This year it was a news broadcast skit about the resurrection of Jesus. The cast included Onyx as newscaster Lazarus Aliveagain.
Jayla: On Location News Correspondent Ruth Boaz.
Meadow: Mary Magdalene.
Tyden: John, the one to beat Simon Peter to the tomb (!)
Stryder: The angel who greeted Mary at the tomb.
Clover: Mary, mother of Jesus
Flint: Jesus himself!
Great fun, great day. Love, love, love this family. Thankful.

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