Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What to drink, what to drink...?

Now tell me ladies that you do not want something light and fruity and cold and refreshing, yet still healthy (and not full of sugar!) to drink on those glorious, long, hot summer days. Go ahead. I won't believe you. ;)

I saw a version of this drink online somewhere recently and it has become my new ADDicTION. It's crazy good. 

Here's how you make it: Step a few fruity tea bags for several minutes until they're nice and strong (I have black cherry and citrus kiss here, I mixed the two), add some cold water (how much? I have no idea. Whatever tastes good. I'm allergic to implements of measurement.) add a smidgen of honey to sweeten things up, pour in a generous splash of your favorite ACV (you KNOW I'm a fan from WAY back of this stuff) and/or a squeeze of fresh lemon to give it a little zing, pour over ice and tada! 

A gorgeous glass of refreshment able to make your taste buds sing without leaving you feeling weighted down with syrupy sweet carbonation. Seriously. It will keep you happily drinking all day. (And if you add a little vodka, maybe all night too...:)) 

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Alyssa said...

This looks delish! And a great way to incorporate ACV! :)

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