Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Monday, July 28, 2014

Nothing Important

Nothing will make a woman feel older than the 20 something year old guy who works for Samsung telling her that her almost-13-year-old daughter could probably help her figure out her brand new-to-her-but-already-outdated galaxy S4 smart phone. True story.

Um, Young Samsung Sir? FYI: My dear pubescent daughter owns an awesomely user friendly Apple iTouch. Did I mention it was APPLE? And that it's easy to use? Oh yes, it seems I did...
The Virus from Scheol descended upon our family mid June and 

High fevers, terrible, dry hacking coughs, body aches, nausea for some, extreme fatigue, loss of sanity for the mother.....all the usual symptoms. 

With its incredibly long and gnarly incubation period, they have fallen like sickly little flies. Like flies falling one, two, three weeks apart, stretching out the length of our entire summer. Just when I think the last of them has stumbled as prey for the predator, another succumbs to its wily ways. 

Meadow, Flint and I are the last hold outs. Those cramped quarters orphanage years did an immune system good. It obviously prepared them nicely for their cramped American quarters. 

Don't ask me how I'm doing it. If you did, I would have to tell you I am drinking my body weight in glasses of water doused with a generous splash of ACV every day, that I gulp garlic by the spoonful, swallow zinc like there's no tomorrow and rub essential oils all over my parts all the day long to hold the germy gremlins at bay. Then, after all my bragging about my Superior Immune Boosting Techniques, I would fall ill. I know Murphy. His law is not to be trusted, my friends. 

All this illness has had us cancelling this and opting out of that to avoid spreading our sweet love all over everyone. It's been such a bummer on our summer. 

This is usually the time of year we are out and about socializing the awkward, savage hopelessly nerdy, uncivilized home schooled children (!) If they are not able to learn how to appropriately interact with other human beings during the summer then WHEN? I ask you. 

It's a legitimate concern.

Lord knows, once the school year starts, the doors shut tight and all Lessons in Conduct with People end. For nine long, under-socialized months. Come next May after being closed in all winter, I wouldn't be surprised if they need rabies shots along with their etiquette classes. 

But maybe they will most likely have figured out my phone with their endless hours of confinement. Which is a really good thing because I'm clearly too old to do it...
Every day the greens are brought in for dinner that night! 

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