Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Tuesday, December 02, 2014


Written the night before Thanksgiving on facebook - copying here for the blog book. 

36 friends and family will join us to give thanks for for two 20 lb. turkeys who graciously cut their gobbling days short on our behalf, along with my daughter's homemade pumpkin pies tomorrow. Hosting 36 people! Me! And to think, at one time I thought Lipton's Pasta Primavera was *real food* Baby, I've come a long way. Thankful for ever expanding capacities and a breakfast consisting of grapefruit flavored vodka screwdrivers that serve to soothe the nerves.

Thankful for the girl who spoke up in rebuttal of my parenting techniques today. It means she's thinking for herself. We both know, there are many things I do wrong. I savor her company. She is becoming one of my dearest friends and she makes good pies, that one.

Thankful for the boy who rode his bike right along side me today as I jogged a full four miles without saying a single word. His joyful, quiet spirit is salve to my soul. He has yet to correct the error of my ways. Bless his introverted heart, my boy. 

Thankful for the Ethiopian princess who is bravely stepping outside her shell of safety with each passing week. She is growing in grace and confidence and enthusiasm before my very eyes. It's such a wonder to behold. A beautiful, gentle gift, precious girl.

Thankful for the chatterbox who keeps my ears full of stories and detail and exaggerations and complaints and raucous laughter every single day. His eagerness for my presence breathes life into my hours. With him near, I am never lonely. A true companion he is, sweet boy.

Thankful for the one working so very hard to keep up. His efforts are admirable, extraordinary, honorable, his advancement magnificent. His tender heart reminds me to speak kindly, to hug often, to look into eyes and smile big, real grins. He was not born to me, but he is a teacher to me, my African boy.

Thankful for the child that never stops bouncing, running, jumping, building, laughing, crying, bickering, hugging. His boundless energy inspires me to take life by the horns. His smile is truly infectious. He lights up my world, the freckled faced boy. 

Thankful for the girl who owns me hook, line and sinker. She can do no wrong. My heart grew a thousand by a thousand times the day she was born and each passing minute she fills it with the purest joy it has ever known. She is my muse, my beloved baby, no matter how old she gets. Love that girl.

Thankful for the man who labors so intently to keep it all together. His efforts afford me the treasured lot of life at home with my messy, wonderful, flawed and faithful and tireless people. The toil is real, the days challenge, but still, my cup runneth over. Always. The way he chooses to spend his hours demonstrates to me the meaning of genuine, selfless love year after year. I can't thank him enough. 

Thankful for Echo and Jedi who are as much my babies as the rest of them. You keep mama fit by walking me. Your curly poodle hair is my favorite. I love you too, boys.

Happy, happy Thanksgiving.

Day went off without a hitch. Whew! 

It just so happens that one of the 36 is the remarkably outstanding photographer, Karin Winter. All photos courtesy of her fine talent. 

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