Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Tuesday, March 03, 2015


During this cold, snowy, cooped up spell we've had I thought it would be interesting to task the kids with writing and typing a guest blog post. I gave them free reign to say whatever they would like on any topic of their choosing. We figured these would make fun, memorable additions to our family's blog book. 

Personally, I just love to see their creative juices flowing. It's a tremendously empowering thing to sit down with a blank screen and fill it up with unique thoughts in the precise way that only you could imagine. I've grown to heavily rely on the cathartic qualities I find in the emptying of myself as a page fills with words. 

Every single entry these children will produce is sure to prove a slice of masterpiece, I have no doubt...

Here is Jayla's: 

25 Things About Me
I like to chew gum a lot.
I love to listen to music while I do my schoolwork.
I could bake something every day.
I don’t care about the brands of my clothes or if I got them from Goodwill.
I like to craft and decorate my bedroom.
Planning parties is fun for me.
I don’t mind doing school most of the time.
I am without doubt NOT a morning person.
I can do braids but not in my own hair.
I don’t enjoy most snack foods but like almost all meals.
I like to organize things.
I am good with little kids.
I can’t stand baggy pants.
I can’t draw people/animals very well but abstract patterns are easy for me.
I am not a good singer (unlike my mom).
I don’t enjoy cold weather (most of the time).
I am not a girlie girl.
I don’t like the taste of tea but I drink it anyway because my mom makes me.
I am very close to my mom and dad.
I’m not a huge fan of reading unless I have a good book.
I love my baby dogs.
I don’t like the color green.
I try to make instead of buy everything that I can.
I can’t sleep during the day (most of the time).
I get dizzy spinning very fast.
Thank you. 
The end. 

Making snow ice cream - chocolate, strawberry and cookie dough

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