Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Monday, March 09, 2015

Mission Accomplished: Girls' Bedroom

This mamba jamba was a colossal feat. Fitting three girls into one average sized kid's room where every person has plenty of individual, "private" space was no small task. I have to give a HUGE shout out full of adoring recognition to The Man for his monumental carpentry, planning and execution skills. His talents, they run deep. His devotion to providing the best for his kids, even at the high price of his precious free hours and any spare dollars he may have once had, warms the cockles of my heart that drips with love for that guy. He's the berries. With whipped cream on top. 

Bobby and I spent hours, (Hours, I tell you!) in this room once it was gutted - taping off the floor, stretching our imaginations to the hilt, giving ourselves a headache from racking our brains, trying to configure a system that would prove the most efficient utilization of space and be highly beneficial for each of our lovely ladies. We came up with a plan that I think will please the masses. Here, I give you the tour of our brand new, old fashioned looking, shabby girls' room:

From the entry looking into the room:
 Walking into Jayla's desk area:
 Jayla's desk:
 Jayla's little crafting supplies closet:
 Jayla's bed:
 The view while Jayla sits on her bed:
 From Jayla's bed looking down at the room:
 Jayla's closet attached to her bed and desk:
 Looking at Meadow's loft from the floor:
 Meadow's desk:
 Meadow's closet:
 Meadow's bed:
 From Meadow's bed looking across at Clover's bed, and Jayla's to the left:
 Clover's desk:
 Clover's closet:
Clover's bed with a bench for all her loveys:
From Clover's bed looking across to Meadow's and Jayla's to the right:
The window seat with extra storage below:
If you have to share a room with two sisters, I think this is the way to do it!


Owlhaven said...

THIS is awesome! What neat work!

Sandy said...

"Whoa we need to go to their house soon. That's the coolest ladder ever. That is so cool! We seriously need to go to their house soon." - Priya's comments.

Louise said...

Ditto - what Priya said ... I definitely need to meet your beautiful, inspiring family the next time I'm in Colorado.

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