Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

What Makes a Good Leader?

Writing Prompt - What makes a good leader? 
A good leader will not treat their crew, soldiers or whoever they are leading really badly. They should believe in them, trust them and train them well.
If they treat them really badly they will never gain good trust in you. If you don't believe in them, they will have a harder time believing in themselves.
A good leader should show a good example. They should work hard and get them to work hard. 
If they are acting lazy and never working, it would look like their leader doesn't work hard and get stronger and tougher. 
If somebody wants to be a leader they must work themselves.
If they don't they won't be able to show the people they are leading a good example and won't be qualified as a good leader.
I think sportsmanship makes a great leader. Because if you lose you have to be good about it. Respecting your friends. If you are rude no one will want to be with you. Also being hardworking. If you tell everyone else to do they will not like you. Acknowledging what everyone wants. You have to be nice and let other people have breaks. These things make a good leader so if you're a leader, follow them!

I like to think that I am a leader at school. Because when I finish I help someone. At home school I think mom is a leader because she teaches us lots of things. Onyx thinks he is the leader of me sometimes. But I am the leader of me. I am also the leader of Echo, which is fun. Onyx is the leader of Jedi and mom is the leader of Pebble. See, it is that easy to find things. 

What makes a good leader? I think a good leader can be if they are wise or smart in battle. If they choose to build their army up and train them well they will be strong. If they choose to be lazy and not try to be strong they will be weak. They can be a good leader if they are good to people living in their city and don't force taxes out of them and give them plenty to eat. A good leader should know what to do in a bad situation and be prepared for it.  
A good leader. A leader needs a good mind. A good leader also needs a good sense of humor. They have to try to do the right thing. Like a pirate leader when another ship is attacking them. The leader would come out from the deck and if the people were bad he or she would help his people. The leader also needs leadership. That's what I think. From Clover to mom.
What makes a good leader? Why?
Someone who takes care of their country. Because if people do what they want to do they will not listen to you. Someone who makes good laws. If you make bad laws people will hate your city. Someone who lets you have breaks. People would also hate your team or class. Someone who gives people homes. Someone who lets them eat when they want or you will not have anybody in your city. 
Here are some qualities that I believe makes a good leader. A leader should be someone that is kind and thinks of their followers' needs. In one of my books, they said that people who want power and get it spend their whole life trying to keep it and will do what ever it takes to do so. Therefore, they said that you have to give power to those who don't want it. To some extent, I agree with their statement. I think that a leader should be someone who is confident and won't be influenced by their position and get a big head. A good leader puts themselves in the position of their followers in order to make accurate decisions on their behalf. They should be someone that's capable of making good spur of the moment decisions and has a strong, able mind. These are some of the qualities that I think make a good leader. Thank you for reading! 

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