Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Transformation Wednesday*

*That's not really a thing? Oh. Okay.

In the ever transformative state of affairs under which the Deutsch family resides, there is never a lack of change. The handyman is a busy, busy, busy bee. Our current kitchen table area (which I love as it holds a great deal of fond memories as we do so much life there) is (someday) going to become a second island with another sink (hallelujah) and another dishwasher (double hallelujah praise glory a to the men). Which means, we will need a place to dine as it is one of the clan's most very favorite pastimes. Eating = paramount. Don't ask me why.

We had this living room area that didn't see much action as it was a sort of formal setting. We watch movies in our family room. The living room's main purpose was to basically to sit and look pretty, largely untouched.

Hmm...Why not make it our new dining area, we thought to our clever little selves. And while we're (Bobby) is at it, why not make Braverman columns like in the Parenthood house? Only true to our country farmhouse theme why not make them white instead of the rich, brown wood in the Braverman's home?

So that's what we (he) did. Along with new hand texturing, new trim, baseboards and stuff like that.

Then, why don't we win the lottery to pay for it all?

Splendid notion, I dare say!

The Living room as it was:

The dining room that was once a living room:
The dining room as it was:
The dining room as it is now:
Ever a fan of a good, old fashioned plate wall,
this section is covered in vintage plates -
each one with a tale to tell.
There you have it. In all its transformation Wednesday splendor. Some day, (when he gets off his lazy bones and finally puts in a little effort. Sheesh!) the handyman will build great big tables to fill up the renovated space with our kids and their beloveds and our precious little grandbabies every single Sunday for dinner at Grandpa Bear and Grandma Honey's.
Our home will be even more full of people and love and laughter and food.
My heart can't even imagine.

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