Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

10 things I like about me

After giving this exercise to Meadow, I thought it might be fun for everyone to do. For most of us, it was harder than we would think!

As we plod through our steps on earth, the plethora of places we don't measure up seem to have no problem making themselves known around every bend. We easily call to mind our faults and can quickly list them one by one. The good things about ourselves - the stuff we like and smile at, the qualities that give us comfort, those can be more difficult to conjure up. True, balanced self gentleness, tenderness and care is a discipline, to be sure. Worthwhile, I believe.

1. How much I love my family
2. My love for puzzles
3. My busy personality
4. My mind
5. My helpful nature
6. My responsibility
7. My hair
8. My fun/goofy/immature side
9. My smile
10. My honesty

1. I'm helpful.
2. I eat well.
3. I don't complain.
4. I'm neat.
5. I am a fast runner.
6. I do good schoolwork.
7. I can write good stories.
8. I am a good colorer.
9. I'm friendly.
10. I'm good at games.
1. My teeth are white.
2. I try to keep my room clean.
3. I like to read.
4. I try to do the right thing.
5. I'm a collector.
6. My hair is short.
7. My work is neat.
8. I am an athlete.
9. I like sports.
10. I am creative.
1. I was good enough to win Tisha's love.
2. I can push myself to work hard.
3. I like my height.
4. I am calm during emergencies.
5. I contributed genetics to 5 super kids.
6. I can fall asleep very quickly when it's time, or stay awake for days. Whatever is necessary.
7. I have a nice shaped head for being bald.
8. I have good concentration.
9. I like that I am free.
10. I like that music moves me.
1. I collect things.
2. I get good grades.
3. I have clean teeth.
4. I have a clean personality.
5. I like all foods.
6. I save my money.
7. I am small.
8. I like the hair color I have.
9. I find it easy to memorize things.
10. I love coffee.
1. I'm nice.
2. I try to be friends with my siblings.
3. I'm getting strong.
4. I'm still happy when I lose.
5. I'm happy.
6. I like my drawing.
7. I like my dancing.
8. I'm a boy.
9. I like my fashion.
10. I like that I like burritos.
1. My robust singing abilities.
2. My rock star dance moves.
3. I'm pretty strong, for my age.
4. I can run for miles.
5. I'm neat and tidy and clean.
6. I'm very affectionate with my family.
7. My ability to love a dog like a child.
8. I cook for my people every day.
9. I grow vegetables.
10. I engage fully in conversation.
1. I have a good education.
2. I am fast.
3. I am strong.
4. I have nice teeth.
5. I am healthy.
6. I am a fast reader.
7. I am good at communicating.
8. I don't cheat.
9. I don't steal.
10. I am responsible.
1. I like my hair.
2. I like that I am very energetic.
3. I like my green eyes.
4. I like that I love my family. 
5. I like my style.
6. I like that I like my house.
7. I like my love for Pebble.
8. I like that I am not fat.
9. I like that I live on a prairie.
10. I like my age. 
I like them all.


Lindy said...

Two things jumped out at me. Tyden is now my favorite because he loves coffee. :) Good boy. And Meadow and Flint were your only two that didn't mention something about their appearance. Just wanted to analyze things, because, well, I'm analytical. But I don't love that about myself. :) Great, great lists. Can't wait to do this with my kids.

C.Eymen said...

Gemeinsame nutzung gut. Danke.

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