Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bye Bye Bye

Yes, we are becoming that family.
Down, down, down....sizing.
In an effort to save money, with future adoption expenses in mind, we are scaling back.
We bought trac phones to replace our usual cell phone service, which was wasting tons of money each month because:
a) I can never find my phone and rarely have it with me. (I know, bad. Annoying to those who may be trying to reach me...Bob)
b) Bob has a cell phone from work for all business-related calls.
We now pay a fraction of the monthly expense we used to for our cell phone service, and we were able keep the same numbers.
We have cut back our satellite service to the local channels only, with the DVR feature ($15/month). Good bye Jon & Kate. Good bye Kids By the Dozen. I will miss you, but you gotta go. Again, saving lots of money each month.
As I've mentioned, in warm weather I hang all laundry on the line for a huge savings in the electric bill. (The towels are then great for exfoliating : )
No family vacation this year.
Wait a minute....on second thought that's nothing new.
The Internet is next to go.
Just kidding.
Cloth diapers, here we come.
Kidding again.
Soon, you may find me in a denim jumper (one that I sewed myself) milling my own flour to make bread while the boys gather eggs from the chicken coop in their denim overalls (which I sewed myself) without shirts underneath.
All this simplifying is good. Good for the wallet, good for the least for this getting-more-old-fashioned-by-the-minute family.
So we say bye bye those high bills and hello to The Simple(r) Life.

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Keana said...

I want down-sizing lessons! Definitely something we need to do... and definitely something I'm not good at. In our soon to have a mortgage family some changes will have to be made. Good for you!

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