Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Monday, May 12, 2008

Bloom where you're planted.

Or, be whatever kind of flower you are.

At my ladies' Bible study last week, we had a guest speaker. Her words have been ringing in my ears.
She is a gardener. She had a couple of main points to share, but the one that stood out to me the most is that she sees each person like a flower.....strange, you say? Yes, strange I thought to myself, but I was intrigued and wanted her to go on....
She did, saying:
There are many different types of flowers out there. All beautiful, each unique.
How often do we as women see ourselves and wish we were, different? Some of our friends and acquaintances, even women on tv or in magazines seem to have it all together. They are prettier, thinner, more outgoing, friendlier, funnier, more organized, more playful, richer, smarter, better. At least that's the way we might perceive them. They are better. Better than us. If only we could be like them. Then, we would have a better life, because we would be better people. We may sometimes feel we are too....too this or too that.
If only I wasn't so ____________.
If only I was more ____________.

Seriously, it spoke to me. And I consider myself a fairly independent, like to think for myself and draw my own conclusions thank-you-very-much kind of person, yet I do find myself at times wishing I were different, better. Not better as in the best version of me better either. Better as in "I wish I were more like so and so" better.

I've thought about of what kind of flower I am....not easy to do as I'm not sure I'm objective...but here is what I've come up with.

In my mind's eye, I am a mum. One of those little orange or yellow pom-pon kind. The ones you put in your garden to keep other stuff you don't want in your garden out. They have a job to do. Unless orange and yellow are your favorite colors, they are not extraordinarily breathtaking. Not often put in a vase on your dining room table. Not usually found in FTD arrangements. They are useful. Industrious. Hardy. That's me. I'm a worker. I am diligent. I cook and I clean and I organize and I exercise and I keep things rolling and we never run out of milk (or any other necessary items) at our house. Not ever. I do. I am a doer. Creative? No. Relaxed? No. Carefree? No. Go-with-the-flowish? No. Exciting? No.
Busy busy bee-ish? Yes. Yes. Yes.
Oh how I have wished I were an elegant rose, or a light hearted, easygoing daisy, or a brilliant lily. But, I am just not.
This is how God made me.
This is me, God's glorious creation, just as I should be.
It's time I truly embrace my mum-ness because, if you need a mum, you need a mum and a frilly flower just won't do.
I have things to give. Things only someone like me can offer.
They are not the same things a lily would give, but they are mine. Uniquely mine.
No sense wishing I were a completely different flower. It is better to be the best flower that I can be and not try to jump into the flower bed next door and try to become one of them. What a colossal wast of time and energy. I was born this way and I should thank my God for my life and for making me exactly who I am and try to be the very best most excellent mum I can be, glorifying Him and fulfilling the role He has given me.
I very much want this concept to saturate the heart of my children. I want to encourage them to embrace their uniqueness and their gifts and see the responsibility in being who they are and giving what they alone have to give. If there is to be any happiness in this life, this is surely an important element.
Our lives can be used in magnificent ways as we fulfill His calling upon them, trusting in the notion that He knew what He was doing when He made us as we are.


Holly said...

that is neat...I'll have to think about what kind of flower I am today?

Lisa said...

I have been out of blogland for awhile, altho not surprising. You've been busy, getting sick with mastitis, celebrating a 2nd birthday, a new stroller, getting Clover's ears pierced - adorable photos of her!!! And I liked seeing your mug on here. You really should post more photos of yourself. You're cute! Have a beautiful day, my friend.

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