Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I won't miss this.

The noise that accompanies this pose is unreal. He has some serious screaming skill. I'm going mad, and it has nothing to do with Bob being gone.
I'm being Stryderized. It's painful.

I will miss this. Last night while reading books before bed, I glanced up to see this Batman pj, Ironman glasses wearing dude intently focused on each page.
It was cracking me up. I ran to grab the camera (okay I'll tell the truth, I asked Tyden to get it and I paid the price for my request by waiting 7 minutes for his return) and I told Onyx I wanted to snap a shot to remember this. He instantly struck a super-hero, fighting-ninja guy pose. That boy is all boy.

I have no clue where I thought I would get all my free time for spa treatments and such. I must have forgotten I go to bed at 8:03 pm. I have showered, and everyone in the house is glad for that. However, no spa. No chickflicks. No pictures downloaded onto discs. Just one tired momma at the end of each day, too lethargic to invest energy in anything other than the closing of her eyelids. So be it. Who needs mud masks and pedicures when I've got a Clover to snuggle in with?


Alicia said...

I know that first picture. Henry has actually been pulling that one since he was a baby. He likes to look up and make sure you are watching. If you are not, he turns it up another notch just to get noticed. One day, Jason looked at him and said, you picked the wrong family for that to work!

Courtney said...

we always have such "high hopes" don't we?? sometimes i think just having the idea in my head helps - even though i KNOW it's not likely going to happen.

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