Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Friday, May 09, 2008

Happy Birthday Stryder!

Me: Stryder, show me how old you are.
Step 1: Defiance.

Step 2: Warming up.

Step 3: Happy compliance.

Happy birthday little man! Your daddy and I love you so much.
At this age, you tire me. Oh how you tire me.
But, I can assuredly say I see great things for your future.
You are such a sweet child, and as busy as you are these days and as much as you keep me hopping with your affinity for trouble, I enjoy your company immensely.
You humble me, yes you do. You make me "that mom." The one with the screaming child at the store, the one with the biter at church, the one with the child that topples other people's Christmas trees. The one that ought to be able to get this child under control, after all, you are our 4th, I should have some idea what I'm doing by now. Yet, here I am, trying each day to figure out how to best deal with the little boy that you are.
And it is some kind of wonderful.

You smile easily and even in the midst of a fit, you are easy to distract and I enjoy the challenge of turning your frown upside down, because it's fun and you're almost always up for it.

I love how you like to cuddle up with your blanket and be held while you suck your thumb. I love how you get excited and you try to jump in the air, but you can only get one foot off the ground. I love how you have started to tug on my pants and say "don't go" when I leave the house for my Bible study. I love how you bring Clover her blankets and gently rub her head while you say in your highest-pitched voice, "Hi doll." I love how you started singing along as we sang happy birthday to you this morning. I love how enthusiastically you try to keep up with your siblings. They love you too. You are our Stryder.

My boy. My littlest boy. Your babyhood is rapidly fading away and your big-boyness is emerging stronger each day. I am so glad you are here.

Before you sleep each night, I thank God that you are still safe and sound after another day of wild adventure. Thank you for being exactly the way you are Stryder Gene Deutsch. I hope you have a very happy second birthday.

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Keana said...

I think he and Avery could have A LOT of fun together.

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