Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Saturday, May 24, 2008

A rough week.

Not for me personally, but for so many others...and it has me a little heavy hearted and simultaneously deeply grateful. You may have noticed the intensity of my posts a few days ago : )
It seems like every day this week there was new news of families and children suffering, all over the world and in our own back yard (well, not my own back yard, unless you consider the multitude of sibling squabbles true "suffering." The way they fuss at each other, I would say JOTS feel they have suffered greatly.)
I used to be more able to say "thankful that's not me" and move on. It seems these days that is much harder to do. I think often of how scripture tells us to bear one another's burdens and I spend more time contemplating how that applies to me as a follower of Christ, to Bob and I as a couple, and to our family as a whole. Whose burdens exactly shall we bear? There are too many to take them all on. It can be hard to accept at times that there is only so much we can do to ease pain. It also seems that children are so vulnerable.
For now, I am hugging my little ones a little tighter. Praising God for their lives, for our time together and praying for those who have such great need, that our God of mercy and peace will draw near to them and comfort the broken hearted.
I know, I'm just one bright, yellow ray of sunshine these days....
On a lighter note, Jayla is having her tonsils and adenoids removed June 24. That is a lighter note, no? I'm very glad about it because it will certainly help ease her suffering, as she has struggled all year her throat being very sore and swollen, which never went away after she had strep. The ENT Dr. took one look at her and said, "ooooooh, yes. We better take those out." It was no surprise to us as her tonsils are HUGE and she has trouble with snoring at night etc. It is an out-patient surgery so she will be in and out and on to a popcicle and ice cream diet, which she is looking quite forward to! Bob will take the day off and go with her, and I will stay with the boys and the nursing baby.

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Keana said...

I have a friend who worked for the county and was in and out of all kinds of homes all the time. She was also a foster parent for a long while before adopting a child. There have been many times working in public schools that I have wanted to bring children home with me or I have come home crying for their situations. This is what she said to me. "God keeps a special watch over children. He protects them in a mighty way. Otherwise so many of them would not survive their circumstances." It is so hard to know when to "just pray" (I say that lightly) and when to "do something". God sees your heart and he also sees them where they are. At times when I can't do something tangible, it helps me to remember that God is in control. He will give you the go ahead when the time is right - for you and for them.

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