Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Monday, May 19, 2008

Sweet Sweet Mondays.

Here we are Monday morning and I'm I write about how I really feel on this fine day? Or, would it be better to do what I tell the kids "just be quiet if you don't have anything good to say. Zzzzzzip it." (I know, you've never heard that one before. I'm original.)
I have been trying very hard not to do a whole lot of complaining. Some people call it "venting." I don't know about that. I've spent plenty of time "venting" to just wind up thoroughly "vented" but no better off. To me, all that complaining just seems to add to a mind of full of complaints. I Thessalonians 5:18 in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

So, I try to avoid it....for the most least some of the time : )

BUT THEN, we have a weekend. And my oh my, they do a number on me. Those darn, silly weekends.

They seem so great when they are approaching. TGIF and all that. Woo hoo the weekend is coming. R&R. What are you going to do this weekend? Any big plans for the weekend?
The weekend. The weekend. The weekend.

True confession: I hate weekends.
Okay, hate might be a little extreme.
I don't like weekends? I don't care for them? I could do without them at this point in time? They are not for me?

There is this illusion of rest that is associated with the weekend. Some time to relax. Hang out. Chill.

In our house, (and maybe in yours too) it just doesn't work that way.

We try to rest. Yes, we do. We even take a Day of Rest on Sundays. I use that term loosely because THERE IS NO REAL REST IN A HOUSE FULL OF YOUNG KIDS. They do not stop behaving like children simply because it is Sunday, afterall.

Yesterday, as I emptied the dishwasher (for the second time) so I could make room to fill it again after we ate dinner, I was wondering if our Day of Rest could also be called our Day of Fasting. That would cut down on the work. No meals to prepare and eat, which must inevitably lead to less poo to clean up. Now there's an idea.

We like to play games, hang out with the kids and have some good, quality family we took the balloon float (as Jayla calls it) out yesterday for a family walk....anyone who has gone out for a stroll with their 5 kids knows this is not recommended for folks trying to refresh themselves.
The game playing currently consists of Bob taking Stryder into another room to do something else because he wants to play and he can not and he tries to swipe cards or playing pieces and the kids shriek at him and then he cries and we can not hear and all the screaming wears on the nerves in a hurry, but he won't sit back and hang out in the same room playing with toys while we play games. So much for family togetherness.

Big family breakfasts mean big dishes and broom handling for mom and dad. Family movies with popcorn mean lots of vacuuming afterward. All those *relaxing* things we try to do, making *fun* memories, just aren't overly relaxing. We go to bed when the weekend is over just plain tuckered out after our Day of Rest, looking forward to the routine of the work week.

Ahhh. Now don't I feel better?
There you have it. My big fat gripe. I know it's dumb. If I had some serious problems today I would not be so petty. I will go repent now for my unthankful attitude.

I love Mondays. TGIM baby.

The Daddy's Home Victory Dance.

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