Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

And, she's off.

My *baby* girl left to have a surgery and I am not there with her. Feels a little strange, but I thought it was the best option to send Bob with Jayla for the sake of Clover. I couldn't be fully present for Jayla while attending to Clover at the hospital, and I could not leave Bob to take care of the nursing baby who won't take a bottle all day. Jayla adores her daddy, so she is unphased. It's my heartstrings that are tugged.
So, I am showing my love the next best way: by shopping for her. The boys and baby and I are going out to buy J a couple of little "welcome home" and "have a speedy recovery" items. You might know, shopping is one of my least favorite activities, and I will be taking 4 kids with me, so I feel that this is a true demonstration of my devotion to my dear eldest daughter, in spite of the fact that I could not be with her today.

Here is her midnight breakfast since she could not eat or drink this morning. She chose Grapenuts and oj.

I love you so much sweet girl Jayla. I am missing you today and can't wait to spend some 'recovery' time hanging out with you watching Little House on the Prarie, playing Junior Scrabble and polishing our nails.


Courtney said...

oh, i can't imagine how your heart felt "letting her go" to do that surgery!!! let us know how she's doing!!

Holly said...

OH! yes, please let us know!

Alicia said...

Hope Miss Jayla is on the road to recovery and enjoying her ice cream and Little House on the Prarie!

Lisa said...

Oh - a picture of you! You two are so cute!!

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