Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


He likes vacations.
He likes the Bible.
He likes school.
But when you put them all together, not so much.

Tyden fussed and cried and pouted through much of Monday's VBS. His poor teachers worked with him and held him and tried to distract him. They even said they were looking forward to seeing him on Tuesday. Those nice ladies told him that because they are trying to show these youngsters how to be loving like Jesus. I am sparing them the joy of his presence the rest of the week. He insists it is more fun to run errands with mom than do all the exceptionally cool things that are going on at VBS.

If this were a couple of years ago, and it was J or O, I might have been all distraught. I might have thought, he needs to learn about following through with a commitment for goodness sakes. If we let him bail on VBS, it will start a pattern of quitter behavior that will inevitably lead to orange-jumpsuit-wearing incarceration later in life, and it will be MY FAULT. Deutsch kids DON'T QUIT. He will PREVAIL in VICTORIOUS ATTENDANCE.

But, I'm loosening up in my old age. These are my babies. He's only 3. There is plenty of time to teach all that follow-through-to-completion stuff. For now, I'm hanging out with my boy while he still wants to hang out with me and I'm secretly loving it.


Holly said...

AMEN!!!! I agree, plenty of time. and in a large family times like that with mom will mean more to his little heart than learning committment!

Lisa said...

Ya know, I decided not to do VBS this year for that very reason! Landon is only 3 ... and I would have to volunteer while my "little one" is there. Shiloh is ready and would probably love it. I however, am not ready to have to be somewhere 5 days in a row at 9am. You know - I'm not a morning person! ={

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