Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Thursday, June 05, 2008

She's a Rock Star.

There are certain identifying characteristics for moms that unite us.
Oh, you have 5 kids? I also have 5 kids.
You homeschool? So do I.
You have 3 boys? Me too.
Your husband works weekends? Mine does as well.
You have 2 daughters? I also have 2 daughters.
You feel like a lunatic when you're pregnant? I did too.
Your kids like to pick their nose? So do mine!!

You know how it is, you meet someone you feel like you have some similarity in your lives and you bond over your shared experiences? You can totally relate.

I felt that way over a year ago with a woman I had never met.

Just after we had Stryder, I mentioned to my friend Lisa that I did not know anyone in our situation with 4 kids ages 4 and under. I was looking for someone I could identify with. She told me about a friend of hers who had 4 boys in 5 years. This friend had a blog I could read. I was instantly intrigued. A blog? Sounds disgusting. What is it? I asked.

As soon as I saw her blog, I was hooked. This woman had 4 kids in 5 years and there she was talking all about her days and her nights and her life and I felt like a Peeping Tom but I really wanted to know what was going on in their home. She openly shared and I secretly read.

In her comments section, I found another blog of one of her friends. I clicked on it. Woah momma. This friend of hers just had twin babies in addition to her 2 year old and one year old. She now had 4 girls ages 2.5 and under. It just keeps getting better I thought to myself and I began reading her blog too. Every day I checked in on my real-yet imaginary friends, who had no clue I was alive. I bonded with them in my own voyeuristic kind of way.
I never commented, only read.

After while I couldn't take it anymore. I had to let these women know how much our strange, one-sided "friendship" meant to me, so I commented on their blogs. The "hello, I've watched every day of your life for past 1.5 years so maybe I should introduce myself" kind of comments. I guess that's not too weird in the blog world, but it still felt a bit odd.

Fast forward to last night, I actually met, in person, my blog friend Holly, the one with the 4 girls. She lives in another state, but was in CS where her parents happen to live, visiting. Jayla and Clover and I went to their house and feasted on a delicious dinner her dad graciously prepared. Neither she nor I have any problems holding a conversation, so we chatted away. I have been a big 'fan' of hers for a while. She can relate to the commotion that a flock of children can often provide. It was fun. I am thankful to have been invited over and I will never forget meeting Holly, (who is a military wife) the very talented and brave mom to 4 of the most precious little girls. I am so thrilled about this in fact, that I am posting a picture of myself with her to commemorate the occasion, so you know it must have been quite special.


Courtney said...

ahhh! i'm so jealous! i LOVE both of you - through your blogs - and wish i could have been there! so fun!

Alicia said...

Cool...good to know what got you started. Glad you had a fun meeting.

Lisa said...

Blog friends ... what a beautiful friend. Glad you found them and you know you are not alone! ;-)

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