Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Just in case he was considering having a few more kids....

we went to visit Bob's brother Neil and his daughter Amanda for the holiday.

It's not every body who wants company of our kind to take over their home.
That may shock you, but yes, oh yes, it really is true.

However, Neil the brave and Amanda the generous wheeled out the Welcome Wagon for us, right along with all our noise and our uncanny ability to break things. To my knowledge, the only thing in need of repair when we left was their screen door.
First, we met them in Denver at Casa Bonita for dinner. Then, we headed to a park to play and wait for it to get dark. We got the kids all-kinds-of off schedule watching fireworks and finally put them all to bed at 11:00, only to arise early for some morning swimming. Neil made 20 eggs, bacon and toast for breakfast....Amanda, who is used to having her toys to herself, allowed the kids to rummage through her playthings without the slightest fuss.

It was wonderful.

Thank you Neil, Thank you Amanda. It was a pleasure spending time with you in your lovely home. As Onyx exclaimed on several occasions over the past couple of days, "This was the best 'vacation' Ever!"

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Lisa said...

I used to work at Casa Bonita in high school. But I can't seem to get Steve to want to go eat there with me. ;{

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