Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Monday, July 07, 2008

July 7th

It's 66 degrees here.
Onyx is wearing a coat with his shorts.
Chocolate chip banana bread is baking filling the house with the most delicious smell.
I Love Colorado!!!


Courtney said...

can i come lay on your couch and let my kids play with your kids??

Kim said...

How funny! Guess what is in my oven right now with 49 min. until it is done... choc. chip banana bread. I too am taking advantage of the cooler weather by baking. Enjoy your bread. Love, Kim

Tisha said...

Yes Courtney, come on over : )
We would absolutely love your company!

Holly said...

you are causing me to stumble and be jealous...that's not nice ;-)

Amy© said...

I was coming over here to tell you that it was 97 degrees here yesterday, and could I come for a visit?

Then I saw that Holly had mentioned how it was not nice to cause her to be jealous. And I was reminded of the fact that if I didn't love Holly so much, I would be VERY jealous now after the romantic rendevous she and her dh had. Esp. since mine is 17,000 miles away. Bygones. ;)

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