Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Piles of poo....

on the floor....that is what I'm dealing with here....on a regular basis.

Good morning mommy, I left you a little brown treat on the carpet to enjoy as you drink your coffee.

You would think we have a dog. We don't have pets in the house for this exact, very reason. Who needs a canine when you've got a toddler ready and willing to smear poo all over the floor, then try to clean it up himself with a single, solitary kleenex, grinding it into the carpet and his fingernails at the same time? Why that boy will not leave his diaper on is beyond me. I mean,come on, how hard is it to do your business right in your pants at your own convenience?? Any time you need to let loose? Seems easy enough. No need to bother anyone. Just let it flow at your leisure. Then, mom can wipe you up, leaving a tidy little bundle to hand to our friendly trash collector and you can have a dry, fresh and clean start. Who wouldn't want that!?

I guess I really do need to get started with the potty training regime. I'm just not ready. It's summer. I can barely keep track of them. They're inside, they're outside. In and out. Back and forth. In swimsuits, out of swim suits. In the water, out of the water. In the mud, rinsing off the mud. Toys in the house, toys outside. Towels strewn. Exactly as it should be for this time of year. Do I really want to add toilet training to my daily TO DO list at this point in time? Um...No. I wanted to wait for some cooler weather. He just turned 2 in May. Seriously Stryder Gene. Seriously. This is total POO.

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Sandy said...

I love this picture of Stryder... and what an innocent looking boy for this post. :)

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