Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

She loved it.

Double O
Double L
Let's Play Football!

That's the only cheer I caught at J's practice last night, as I was slightly preoccupied with 4 little non-cheering munchkins.
She had a great time!

The very nice coach introduced J to all the girls as the homeschooled kid, so don't be looking for her around the school. Oy. Why don't you just go ahead and point out in a group of young girls for goodness sakes that this one is different. Little ladies love to be DIFFERENT, you know. She really is a great coach though. Very cheerleader-ish and I mean that in the very best way. I told J when she gets her DVD with all the cheers she needs to practice on it, I would spend some time hootin-and-hollerin with her. Nope, not all is lost from my one year of junior college cheerleading. I just knew that experience would come in handy some day ;-)

After being at the elementary school, amidst all the teachers and moms, where I answered the question approximately 1,000 times about why we are homeschooling this year, a thought occurred to me. It's never homeschoolers who ask why we're choosing that option. It's always public school folks.


Lisa said...

I hear ya, girl. It helps to be surrounded by homeschooling families ... otherwise, you just get the condescending, judgmental questions of why???

Sheryl Deutsch said...

I wonder - are these other Moms questioning their decision to "public school" rather than questioning your decision to home school. The questions could be to gain understanding of how and why you came to your decision rather than being judgemental.

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