Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Monday, August 11, 2008

This is how we_________this weekend.

watched the Olympics, chanting U-S-A at the top of our lungs

put Batman to work rescuing Deutschland from the evil dust mites

danced to The Itsy Bitsy Spider at a ball/wedding Jayla prepared for us (where, as is her custom, she had her parents march down the aisle to get married for the 300th time)

"dressed up" per specific written request on our invitaion (I know, looking good, looking good...)

showed of some fine moves in our fine attire to celebrate (with our obviously-born-out-of-wedlock-children) our 'new' marriage

We're so cool. Maybe next weekend you'd like to come hang out with us.


Courtney said...

so much fun! we'll come hang out with you ;-)

Kim said...

oh I would love to enjoy all the Deutsch fun with you! your family is very cool and your kid will have great memories of their fun parents!

Kristi said...

You totally ROLLED this weekend Tisha!! (-: Good show! What music was playing by the way? It will only add to the ROLLLLL.... image in my mind. I'll be passing this onto Mike, he'll love it!

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