Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Jayla's First Football game.

It was an adventure to further cure me of my ache for more babies.....

How could I possibly keep another child (in addition to the 4) entertained and content on the sidelines for 3+ hours while supporting the one participating in the sport?

Not an easy feat. N-O *NO* N-O IT WAS NOT. (Clap clap)

Jayla was great. After cheering for the cheerleader (chasing around kids and nursing a cranky baby who was practically begging for a quiet place to nap) I on the other hand, felt as if I had been sacked.

In the weeks to come, I think Bob and I will have to take turns rooting for the cute-as-can-be home team pom pom girl, while the other one stays home with our little peeps. I used to pride myself of being flexible with the kid's schedules. I've reached the conclusion that the more kids I have, the more rigid I become. One cantankerous youngen who needs a nap is manageable. 3 are too many. Tis only a season....a football season, that is.
Way to go Jayla!! We love our cheerleader!


Holly said...

SO super cute!
I became/become more rigid as time goes by as well...there is freedom in the 'law' of our house - that's what I always say ;-)

Sandy said...

oh my gosh... she looks adorable!

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