Family photo 2013

Family photo 2013

Monday, August 10, 2009


We are organizing and sorting and purging and donating and schedule making and chore list revamping.....
Getting ready for the school year.
I love the feeling of getting our act together and decluttering.
I have one child who LOVES it with me and is most helpful.
The other 4, not so much : )
Slumber party pictures will have to wait. We're on a roll today.


Courtney said...

hey! we're doing the same thing today! NEW chore list! cleaned out all the kids' rooms {working around a killer migraine...which is trying to cramp my style...NO!}

Stephanie Headley said...

You can come to my house next! I'm not the greatest organizer! I could definitely read some books on how to be better at organizing, but then....I'd probably misplace the book... ;). It is a good feeling to get stuff done. Congrats! Waiting patiently for the slumber party pics! Sounds like the kiddos enjoyed it muy mucho!

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